Market Admin

The Walpole Farmers Market welcomes new vendors who support its mission and complement existing offerings. If you might like to join the market, please read over our guidelines first, then drop an email, give a ring to 603-445-5104 or simply fill out the application form below.

Holly Gowdy begins as market manager with the summer 2014 season. The market also relies on volunteers to help with the many tasks needed to keep the market going.

You can reach Holly by email, by calling 603-445-5104, or by snail mail to the market’s address:

Walpole Farmers Market
c/o Holly Gowdy
460 Old Drewsville Road
Walpole, NH 03608

Coordinators: Bruce Bickford, 603-209-7100; Lark Leonard, 603-835-2573; Judy Sopenski, 802-251-7298
App review: Bruce Bickford, 603-209-7100; Lark Leonard, 603-835-2573
Accounting: Judy Sopenski, 802-251-7298
Music: Sonia Sawyer, 603-756-4314
Fiber markets & phone tree: Jamie Page, 603-756-3410
Website: Jill Robinson, 603-756-3168
Facebook: Stacy Babb, 802-258-3047
Special Events:

Our  Walpole Farmers Market Guidelines For 2014 contain important information for potential and current vendors on how the market is organized, what we sell, and how to join. Please read the guidelines and consider whether you are a good fit for the market before submitting your application.  You can read them or download a PDF copy by clicking here.



If you are a current member in good standing from the summer 2013 market season, your application and fees are due March 29, the date of the March winter market. Application/fees from current members received after that date are treated as if from new vendors. Your fees must be paid by check. Cash will not be accepted. Please use the form below to submit your application and mail your check to our market accountant:

Judy Sopenski
Walpole Farmers Market
159 Yeaw Rd
Guilford VT 05301


Others who would like to vend at the summer 2014 markets can simply fill out the application form below. Please read over the guidelines first and consider your compatibility. Fees for new vendors are not due until their application has been reviewed and approved.


The fee for weekly members for the summer season is $125.
The fee for associate members (who sign up at the beginning of the season for 10 specific market dates) is also $125
The fee for day vendors is $15 per market.

Applications from new vendors are always welcome. Fees from new applicants should not be submitted until after their applications are reviewed and accepted.


You may apply by filling out this form. When it is received, a copy will be emailed back to you for your records.

“The mission of The Walpole Farmers Market (WFM) is to support the production and consumption of local agricultural products, increase awareness of the value of these products, expand the market for them, and help foster sustainable practices.” We need answers to the following questions in order to understand how your participation will help support this mission and the market.

If you know a potential vendor who is unable to apply by filling out this form, please have them phone 603-445-5104.

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